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Classic Hits Uk
The Station With The Heart Of Gold
Feature Story News
Classic Hits Uk has teamed up with
Feature Story News,
and they keep our listeners up to date with world events, via regular
News Updates.

Feature Story News is the world's leading independent broadcast news agency.

Founded in 1992 by journalist Simon Marks, FSN covers news and events as they occur via a network of bureaus in global news capitals across the Americas, Europe and Africa.

What sets FSN apart is an emphasis on delivering customized reporting, the use of the latest technology to gather and distribute material efficiently and economically; and an unwavering commitment to accurate and balanced journalism.

FSN reporters immerse themselves in the issues that matter to you our listeners, and build strong relationships with the newsmakers, analysts, business people and embassy staff who matter to them. They accompany heads-of state, government ministers and other dignitaries when they travel abroad, and deliver comprehensive coverage of official visits for local and international audiences.
Simon Marks
Priscilla Huff
  Olly Barratt
Catherine Drew
Nina Maria Potts
  Harry Horton
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